Editorial Guidelines

Our mission is to provide clarity that helps consumers make sound financial decisions.

CreditMashup is dedicated to producing accurate, comprehensive, and actionable content that is both informative and accessible to all readers. Our editorial team follows strict principles and practices in sourcing, reporting, writing, and editing our articles, ensuring that all errors are fully and promptly corrected.

We value editorial independence and remain unbiased in our advice, recommendations, and product assessments, free from any influence from internal or external business partners. Our readers can trust that our revenue streams and product ratings are fully transparent.

We are committed to building an editorial team that reflects the diversity of our audience and its financial situations, welcoming and encouraging experiences and viewpoints that help us connect with our readers and earn their trust.

We believe that all readers deserve balanced, complete, and accurate information, and we promote economic equity by striving to help our readers achieve financial health. We source information from diverse and reputable sources, seeking experts who represent financially underserved consumers and avoiding the use of unnamed sources unless necessary.

Our financial product reviews are objective, factual, and based on thorough research, assessment, and comparison with similar products. We never allow CreditMashup's business partners or advertisers to influence our product reviews or other editorial decisions, and our editorial team members receive no direct compensation from them.

We ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and relevance of all our content through a careful fact-checking process involving writers, assigning editors, and copy editors. Our writers rely on primary and authoritative sources, including interviews, government and industry websites, data, and documents, to provide clear and complete information in each article. Readers may contact us at contact@creditmashup.com to report mistakes or to register complaints.

Updated: April 10, 2023

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