Kansas Banks and Credit Unions that Don’t Use ChexSystems


Financial education can be a game-changer for Kansas residents who are unbanked. Sometimes, knowing more about the banking system and how to manage a checking account can help the unbanked. Kansas banks that don't use ChexSystems can get you back into traditional banking.

Even if you have to pay a monthly fee for a Kansas second chance checking account it may be worth it to have access to banking products like mortgage and car loans, credit cards and investments.

Spending money on prepaid cards, check cashing stores or money orders can add up over time. Plus, many unbanked use payday and title loans and even pawn shops to access emergency cash. In fact, the unbanked can spend nearly $500 per year just to access their own money. That’s 15 times what someone who has full access to banking services pays in fees.

Access to a traditional bank gives you access to a variety of financial products that come with lowers fees and interest rates. Get back into banking with a bank that does not use ChexSystems or a second chance checking account in Kansas.

Kansas second chance checking accounts

Chime calls its checking account a spending account. Basically it's a digital checking account that operates entirely online. customers with direct deposit can get paid up to 2 days early². Chime also offers a savings account that puts your savings goals on automatic – anytime you make a purchase, Chime will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra into your savings account. Chime does not use ChexSystems or EWS.

Chime will spot you up to $100* on debit card purchases with no overdraft fees. Eligibility requirements and limits apply.

Online Checking Features

  • No minimum deposit required to open account
  • Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit ²
  • Access to over 38,000 ATMs fee-free
  • Mobile deposits and payments
  • Check writing
  • No hidden fees
  • FDIC-insured up to $250,000

BankWest Of Kansas

BankWest of Kansas does not use ChexSystems or a credit report to open new accounts. They offer several checking account products but you must have 2 forms of identification.

Bank Of Kansas City

Bank of Kansas City second chance checking offers the Opportunity Checking. It is a checkless account that provides you convenient access to your money, without the burden of writing checks. There is a $14.95 monthly service fee or $9.95 monthly service fee with a qualifying direct deposit of regular monthly income of at least $300 per statement cycle.

Central Kansas Credit Union

Central Kansas Credit Union runs a credit report to open a checking account.

Central National Bank

Central National Bank offers a second chance checking account called “New Opportunity Checking.” New Opportunity Checking features requires a $30 opening deposit, free online & mobile banking, unlimited check writing. The monthly fee is $9.99 or $7.99 with direct deposit. Designed to help you rebuild your banking history!

Corporate America Family Federal Credit Union

Corporate America Family FCU offers a second chance checking account called the “Fresh Start Checking.” Designed to rebuild a positive checking account history. There is a $10 monthly fee plus you must maintain a minimum balance of $100 in your Regular Share Account.

Citizens State Bank

Citizens State Bank does not use ChexSystems. They offer a variety of checking account products that require identification and a Social Security card to open.

Community Bank and Trust

Several checking account products are available with 2 forms of identification.

KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union

KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union uses Telechecks to verify new customers.

United Consumers Credit Union

You can establish a successful banking relationship, even if you have past credit problems with United Consumers Credit Union. They offer a second chance checking account with unlimited check writing. There is a $10 monthly fee. After 12 months of successfully managing your account, you may request a status review and switch to our Classic Checking Account.

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