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Can Credit Repair Companies be Trusted? A review of Lexington Law

lexington law online credit repair

“Blexington law online credit repairankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, charge-offs, foreclosures… no problem!” I am sure you have seen the advertisements and claims made by some credit repair companies in newspapers, on TV, the radio and even the Internet.

But can credit repair companies be trusted? These fantastic assertions often come with 100% guarantee or promises of money back.

In reality no credit repair company can guarantee results or a specific outcome. Any credit repair company guaranteeing a specific outcome could be a sign of fraud.

Although outcomes can never be predicted, credit repair companies which offer a warranty, where a promise of a refund is made if certain results do not occur is a more trustworthy claim. While there are several legitimate, good credit companies throughout the country, the one I most recommend and trust is Lexington Law.

About Lexington Law

As a trusted leader doing credit repair for over 500,000 clients over the last 20 years, Lexington Law has established itself as the top choice in credit repair. Their clients have experienced an average of 8.7 removals from their combined credit reports in the first 3 months of service and 28.6 removals by 12 months of service.

Client Results

Collection Accounts: 686,111 collection accounts were removed from Lexington Law clients’ reports in 2010.

Late Payments:  248,884 late payments were removed from Lexington Law Clients’ reports in 2010.

Charge-Off Accounts: 168,961 charge-off accounts were removed from Lexington Law clients’ reports in 2010.

Bankruptcy Listings:  29,945 bankruptcy listings were removed from Lexington Law clients’ reports in 2010.

The above are just some of the achieved results for clients but in total, Lexington Law was successful in removing 1,297,226 items from clients’ reports in 2010.

Service, Cost and Fees

Lexington Law offers 3 levels of services and you are always in control over which negative credit items you wish to dispute. Case facilitators work to repair your credit at the three major credit bureaus while lawyers oversee the credit repair process and assist with complex credit issues.

At one level of service you even get access to debt validation, goodwill interventions and escalated information requests. The initial setup fee costs $99.95 and Lexington Law offers a pay as you go plan ranging from $49.95 per month up to $89.95 per month. In comparison to traditional attorney fees and costs Lexington Law is quite reasonable.

Why I recommend Lexington Law

Credit repair can certainly be done on your own. However, as you may have discovered there are some situations where not knowing your rights under the laws may hinder your road to good credit. The attorneys at Lexington law are knowledgeable and have a solid legal basis for all credit repair issues. Lexington Law offers reputable online credit repair, making it less time consuming and convenient for clients.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Practices Act, Fair Credit Billing Act and the Direct Dispute Rule are laws which credit bureaus, collection agencies and original creditors must abide by. It is imperative you deal with a credit repair company that knows how to use these rules and laws to repair your credit. Therefore, I recommend Lexington Law as a reputable and results oriented online credit repair firm.

As full disclosure I have an affiliate relationship with Lexington Law as well as several other good credit repair law firms and companies. I choose only to recommend Lexington Law because their results are verifiable, the consumers I have referred experienced great results, they have been in the credit repair business for 20 years and are very good at what they do.

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