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Can AI Fix Credit? Dovey, an AI Credit Repair Company Says Yes!

AI-powered credit repair company Dovly, boasts a 79 point score increase for its premium members.
can ai fix my credit
can ai fix my credit

It takes time and money hiring a credit repair company to send dispute letters, often generic, to the 3 credit bureaus.

But what if AI could help fix your credit?

The pervasive growth of AI is expected to transform industries like healthcare, banking, and transportation as technology advances. And, according to Dovly, AI-driven credit repair is already in motion.

Can AI Fix Your Credit?

Yes, according to Dovly, a proprietary credit engine algorithm that tracks, manages, and restores your credit on an ongoing basis, can fix your creditDovly’s AI-powered system monitors your credit report to identify and dispute negative items.

How Dovly Works

Dovly’s AI credit engine uses a variety of factors to identify and dispute inaccurate information on your credit reports, for example:

  • Negative items that are too old to be reported.
  • Negative items that are not yours.
  • Negative items that are inaccurate.

Dovly will then send dispute letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf, asking them to investigate the inaccurate information. If the credit bureaus agree that the information is inaccurate, they will remove it from your credit reports. In addition to disputing inaccurate information, Dovly can also help you develop a plan to improve your credit habits, for example:

  • Create a budget and track your spending.
  • Set up automatic payments for your credit cards and bills.
  • Reduce your credit utilization ratio.
  • By improving your credit habits, you can increase your credit score over time.

Benefits and Drawbacks of using Dovly

Here are some of the benefits of using an AI-powered credit repair company like Dovly:

Convenience. You can access Dovly’s services online or through their mobile app.

Expertise. Dovly’s AI credit engine is constantly learning and improving, so you can be confident that your credit reports are being reviewed by the latest technology.

Affordability. Dovly’s services are more affordable than traditional credit repair companies.

Here is the main drawback of using Dovly:

No Refunds. Many other credit repair services usually offer a refund on the monthly fee if they cannot successfully repair your credit. Dovly does not but you can cancel at anytime.

How many points will my credit score increase?

According to Dovly, premium members see an average credit score improvement of 79 points in six months or more. *Based on a sample of 18,831 Dovly members as of Sept. 2023.

How much does Dovly cost?

Like most credit repair companies, Dovly charges a fee for premium services that include a complete credit care solution. But Dovly also offers a free service for basic credit improvement plan.


Complete Credit Care – 2x Success Rate
$ 39
  • Unlimited AI-powered disputes with all 3 bureaus
  • Weekly TransUnion® credit report and score
  • Enhanced credit monitoring and ID theft alerts
  • $1M In ID theft insurance


Just The Basics
$ 0 Monthly
  • Monthly TransUnion® credit report and score
  • Manual dispute selection with TransUnion
  • People with 1-2 errors
  • No fees, no surprises — just free credit care.

Can Dovly Be Trusted?

Dovly has been in business since 2018. According to the Better Business Bureau the company has a 4.24 out of 5 stars and Trustpilot gives Dovly a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Credit repair is expensive but while Dovly’s premium membership charges a monthly fee, unlike other credit repair companies, it does not charge an initial set-up fee while also offering a free version of its services.

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