Banks in Delaware that don’t use ChexSystems: Get a Second Chance


If you're unbanked in Delaware due to ChexSystems, it's estimated that you spend from 1-10% of your salary for check cashing services, prepaid debit cards or other alternative financial services.

A 2019 report by the Federal Reserve estimated that some 63 million Americans are currently without a bank account or access to broader financial services products. This accounts for around 22% of the population.

Banks in Delaware that don't use ChexSystems, gives unbanked people a second chance at banking and an opportunity to save on fees related to alternative financial services.

Get back into banking. A negative ChexSystems record can remain 5 years unless you successfully dispute ChexSystems to get it deleted. For consumers with an EWS record, it can last for 7 years unless you're able to successfully dispute EWS.

Whether you choose a bank or credit union, Delaware residents have several choices for banks in Delaware that don't use ChexSystems.

Take the time to build a solid banking relationship that will help you grow your money while maintaining a safe place to conduct daily expense transactions.

Banks in Delaware that don't use ChexSystems

Chime calls its checking account a spending account. Basically it's a digital checking account that operates entirely online. customers with direct deposit can get paid up to 2 days early². Chime also offers a savings account that puts your savings goals on automatic – anytime you make a purchase, Chime will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra into your savings account. Chime does not use ChexSystems or EWS.

Chime will spot you up to $100* on debit card purchases with no overdraft fees. Eligibility requirements and limits apply.

Online Checking Features

  • No minimum deposit required to open account
  • Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit ²
  • Access to over 38,000 ATMs fee-free
  • Mobile deposits and payments
  • Check writing
  • No hidden fees
  • FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Del-One Credit Union

Del-One Credit Union uses ChexSystems but you can open a checking account if the you have only one record and it is paid. Fraud must not be reported.

Dexsta Federal Credit Union

They use Chexsystems but if there is only one reporting bank and the debt has been cleared for at least 12 months, they will open an account. No fraud can be indicated.


WSFS Bank offers a Fresh Start Checking Account.

Washington Savings Bank

The Rewards Card Checking offers deposit of payroll or government benefit with a monthly fee of $4.95 and $7.95 per month without direct deposit, you'll receive a checkbook and Mastercard® debit card with no overdraft fees or ATM fees! Free nationwide ATM access at over 55,000 Allpoint®.

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