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Dispute ChexSytems: Guide to Get Out of ChexSystems


ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency just like Experian, Transunion and Equifax. This means consumers have the right to dispute any information contained in a ChexSystems Consumer Report.

Many consumers never heard of ChexSystems until a bank denies opening a checking or savings account. Consumers can dispute ChexSystems information which is a good idea since a negative ChexSystems report can lock you out of traditional banking for 5 years.

ChexSystems is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and must investigate any dispute you submit.

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When you dispute ChexSystems, they have 30 days to investigate consumer disputes. If the disputed item is not verified by the reporting bank, financial institution or credit union, they must delete the negative item from your ChexSystems Consumer Report.

ChexSystems Dispute Process

Dispute ChexSystems errors, mistakes and inaccurate information. Once you lodge the dispute with ChexSystems, they must send the dispute to the bank that reported the negative information to verify. In other words, any information that is disputed in ChexSystems must be verified by the bank as accurate or the information must be deleted.

ChexSystems has 30 days from the date your dispute is received to conduct an investigation. If you obtained your ChexSystems report by requesting it from the FACTA Free Annual Report Annual the law extends the dispute response period to 45 days.

Keep in mind that paying money owed to a bank does not prohibit a bank from reporting the account to ChexSystems. Banks don't have to remove negative items just because they are paid. They are required to report accurate information about your banking history, not your current situation.

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Reasons banks report to ChexSystems

Consumers reported to ChexSystems may wonder what are the reasons they were reported to ChexSystems in the first place. An example of what information may be contained in a ChexSystems report is not paying overdrafts or repeatedly depositing checks that are uncollectible a bank may report you to ChexSystems.

ChexSystems typically lumps negative information into two very broad categories—account abuse and suspected fraud. But there's a huge problem with the “account abuse” and “fraud” categories used by banks and checking reporting companies. Neither the banks nor the checking reporting companies have a standarized definition of account abuse or suspected fraud.

If a bank believes a customer has not complied with the account terms (e.g., unpaid overdrafts or unpaid fees) they could report the customer as an account abuser. The same exists for customers reported for suspected fraud. Unknowingly depositing a bad check can constitute check fraud.

More reasons banks report customers to ChexSystems

It's important to have some idea why you were reported in order to formulate the proper argument for the dispute.

  • Involuntary Closure – Account was closed the bank for unpaid negative balance from overdrafts and fees
  • Suspected fraud related to a checking account like depositing uncollectible checks
  • Joint account with someone who had unpaid overdrafts or is accused of account abuse
  • Information from public records

Guide to Dispute ChexSystems Report

1. Request your ChexSystems Report

You will need your ChexSystems Report in order to initiate disputes. A free checking account report from ChexSystems is available to consumers once every 12 months or if you have been declined a bank account during the past sixty days where ChexSystems was used in the decision process.

Note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, consumers can get a free ChexSystems report up to 3 times every two weeks.

  • You can request a report by calling their automated voice toll-free number at (800)428-9623.
  • Visit the website and fill out the consumer disclosure form. Submit it online to receive it instantly or print it out and mail it to:
    Chex Systems, Inc.
    Attn: Consumer Relations
    PO Box 583399
    Minneapolis, MN 55458

When disputing information in your ChexSystems it's better to write a dispute letter and send it via certified, return receipt U.S. mail. Disputing online makes it more difficult to create a paper trail in case you need it at some later date.

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2. Dispute ChexSystems Errors

Once you have your report in hand, review the information carefully to see if there is any inaccurate information or errors listed. If you find information that you believe is wrong, gather supporting documents, such as payment records or bank statements. The Dispute Section on the ChexSystems website allows you to choose how to submit your dispute:

  • Online
  • Via mail by completing a dispute form and mailing to:
    Chex Systems, Inc.
    Attn: Consumer Relations
    PO Box 583399
    Minneapolis, MN 55458
  • Via fax at 602.659.2197
  • By telephone at 800.513.7125

NEVER give ChexSystems more information than is required for them to access your files. Remember, they are a consumer reporting agency and whatever information they collect only helps them, not you.

Under the Fair Credit Re porting Act the only information needed to confirm identity is your name, current address, date of birth, Social Security number; and, the bank name and account number in dispute. Do not give them a history of your banks accounts for the past 5 years.

»Investigate and correct errors: Once you submit a dispute to ChexSystems, they must investigate the inaccurate information contained in the consumer's report and correct disputed inaccurate information.

»Verified ChexSystems Disputes: Once your dispute request is received ChexSystems must confirm they contacted someone at the financial institution to verify the information in dispute. Verified information remains in your file for up to 5 years. However, ChexSystems must explain how they verified the dispute.

The FCRA gives you the right to know how the dispute was confirmed. Send another certified letter requesting validation of the disputed item. The validation should include the name, address and telephone number of the business or individual who verified the dispute as accurate in addition to your signature on any original documentation from the bank. Keep a good timeline and all return receipt cards from the post office. If ChexSystems cannot verify how they confirmed your dispute they must delete the item.

»Unverified Disputes: If ChexSystems does not respond to your dispute within 30 days from their receipt they must delete the item. You can confirm when ChexSystems received the dispute by checking the green return receipt card you get from the post office. No response means they could not confirm the item and it must then be removed. Send ChexSystems another certified letter demanding a deletion due to not responding in the time allotted by FCRA Rules.

»Dispute directly with the bank. If your ChexSystems dispute does not create the desired result, you have the right to dispute directly with the bank or credit union that reported you to ChexSystems. Furnishers of information to checking reporting companies are required to accept disputes from consumers. You can send your dispute to the address for the bank or credit union found in your consumer report or you can call customer service for the bank that reported the information about you to find out where to send the dispute.

Disputing directly with the banks may work in your favor in the case of older accounts. Banks and credit unions are under the same dispute time-constraint to respond within 30-days or delete the negative item. ChexSystems and your financial institution must research the dispute within 30 days. If they confirm that information is wrong or incomplete, they’re bound by federal law to correct it.

»Dispute with ChexSystems First. You should always dispute with ChexSystems before you take action with the bank. Once you dispute an item, ChexSystems has 30 days to complete the investigation. You might get lucky if the bank does not respond within the 30 day time frame and the dispute item is deleted. Also, by disputing with ChexSystems first, you create a paper trail in case you need it down the line for legal action. ChexSystems can only report “accurate” information according to the FCRA.

»Types of Inaccurate information to dispute. 

Since FCRA Rules state you must “accurately” report all negative items, review your ChexSystems report for any inaccurate information you can use to get the item deleted.

  • Date the bank reported you to ChexSystems
  • Is the item being accurately reported to ChexSystems — Does your file list NSF activity, account abuse, fraud, overdrafts or negative balance.
  • Outdated information. Is the reported information more than 5 years old. If so, request ChexSystems delete outdated records.
  • Date the bank first notified you the account became negative. When did the bank close the account and report it to ChexSystems. This will help determine when the Statute of Limitations begins. Items can remain in ChexSystems up to 5 years.
  • Are you the primary account holder, if not, have you signed a signature card for this account. Request the original copies of your signature card. If ChexSystems cannot provide you with the proof they must delete the item.
  • Is ChexSystems reporting personal information such as a name, address and Social Security number accurately.

Any deviation from accurate reporting is a violation of the FCRA and the item must be removed. This also includes clerical errors. Look carefully at your report to find any errors to dispute.

If you are unsuccessful in getting an item removed after disputing with the ChexSystems you can attempt disputing directly with the bank. They are also held to the FCRA Rules when it comes to reporting negative information. And, if you are willing to settle, you should negotiate a pay for deletion. Get the agreement in writing before you send any settlement funds.

3. Bankruptcy can get you removed from ChexSystems

Consumers who have filed bankruptcy can request ChexSystems remove any records in ChexSystems. The bankruptcy does not have to be discharged in order to request removal from ChexSystems. Mail or fax ChexSystems a copy of your bankruptcy confirmation document and request they delete all negative items. Even if the negative items are fraud or account abuse, ChexSystems will remove them if you have filed bankruptcy.

4. Pay Small Balances and Get Removed

There may be only one item on your ChexSystems report and if this is the case, consider paying the bank directly and follow these steps:

  • Pay the amount in full
  • Get a proof of payment such as a receipt
  • Complete a ChexSystems dispute form or mail a dispute letter
  • Dispute on the factual basis of inaccurate reporting and no evidence of debt owed
  • Demand a full deletion

Because the FCRA requires only accurate information be reported in consumer reports, once ChexSystems contacts the bank to verify accuracy of the outstanding debt, the bank will be unable to confirm the debt is unpaid.

ChexSystems will have to delete the item because the bank will be unable to provide verification or proof the item is unpaid. Your goal is a deletion, not to have the item updated as “Paid.” Without a full deletion, a paid item is still considered negative.

You want to challenge the accuracy of information reported in ChexSystems; and, once an item is paid directly to the bank, ChexSystems reporting that item is considered inaccurate.

5. Challenge ChexSystems Fraud Notations

Fraud notations in ChexSystems are very common but also very ambiguous. What type of fraud was committed by the customer, if any. Fraud seems to be a “blanket” notation used by financial institutions so they will not have to detail why a consumer was reported to ChexSystems.

A fraud notation is very serious but can be the easiest to dispute. Dispute the fraud notation and if ChexSystems verifies the notation as accurate, request specific documentation of the alleged fraud. More than likely, the bank will be unable to provide any documentation proving you committed fraud due to the vagueness of this notation.

You may have deposited a check someone gave to you for repayment of a loan and that check bounced. Now the bank accuses you of fraud. How is it determined you intended to fraud the bank when you deposited the check? Banks can rarely prove you purposely intended to commit fraud.

6. Take Legal Action

Hopefully you will not have to resort to legal action. However, if all efforts to successfully dispute an item have failed this may be the only course of action. Make sure you have created a good paper trail, with copies of all your letters along with the certified return receipts. Your legal action should include proof that you properly notified ChexSystems of the error and they did not correct make a correction.

Another way to clear your ChexSystems report is to make a plea directly to the bank for removal. Many consumers have been successful by just asking. This method works best if you pay or offer to pay the amount in question when requesting removal.

You should be able to show how their failure to correct the error has harmed you in that you are unable to open a checking account and subject to using expensive alternative financial services.

Once a small claims lawsuit is filed you will more than likely get the outcome you are looking for without even going to court. Lawsuits are costly and ChexSystems does not make money by hiring an attorney to litigate. They will probably try to settle and remove the item from your ChexSystems report. Familiarize yourself with FCRA Rules. Each violation of the FCRA is worth $1,000.

Negative ChexSystems records are removed after five years — if disputing ChexSystems does not work, wait it out.

A negative ChexSystems report does not necessarily prohibit you from opening a new checking account or finding bank accounts for bad credit.

Second chance banks design checking accounts for people with a negative ChexSystems file or with bad credit. These types of checking accounts may have monthly fees but give customers an opportunity to upgrade to regular free accounts after 6 to 12 months of handling your account well.

Second chance banks give you an opportunity to rebuild your financial history and become bankable again.

16 thoughts on “Dispute ChexSytems: Guide to Get Out of ChexSystems”

  1. Boa reported me as fraud and they closed my accounts. I have tried to dispute but have had no luck. Is there a company or attorney to handle this removal

  2. I went to open a business checking account for a newly formed LLC with my business partner at Capital One and was told that I could be a signer on the account because there was something from 1996 with a bank they purchased so it was reported in 2008 to Chexsystems. I’m thinking it might have been a checking with my ex-husband. Concerned that if I pay it the bank will not let me a signer on the account. I don’t mind my partner be a signer but what happens if something should happen to him and funds are tied up.

    1. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I suggest you seek proper legal counsel on this subject matter.

      Since the company is independent of its owners, an LLC can survive beyond the death of its owners. Without you being a signer on the bank account, the LLC’s Operating Agreement should have some provisions to address this situation i.e., you being the designated person to handle the account upon the death of the LLC member. Without a beneficiary named in the LLC Operating Agreement, a next of kin could automatically receive ownership interest in the company.

  3. Onlythestrongsurvive

    Bank of America first reported fraud to check systems and I disputed it, they did not respond within 30 days but instead of removing me from check systems they changed it from fraud to account abuse. Can they do that? Since they did not respond BOA should be removed, if I’m correct who would I need to contact about this?

    1. Bank of America reports account abuse to ChexSystems
      ChexSystems has to follow the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When you initiate a dispute, the investigation must reach a determination as to the accuracy of the disputed information. Once the investigation is sent by ChexSystems to the bank, the bank can verify that the reported information is accurate or correct the information to make it accurate.

      Bank of America does not have to delete information; they can simply update as to what they say is accurate. Now that Bank of America reports account abuse to ChexSystems it becomes the updated, verified reason you have a ChexSystems record.

      ChexSystems dispute extended past 30 days
      The FCRA requires consumer reporting agencies and original creditors to conclude dispute investigations within 30 days, but keep in mind, they have an additional 5 business days thereafter to send dispute results.

      If the consumer sends additional information during the dispute investigation period, the consumer reporting agency (ChexSystems) may extend the dispute period an additional 15 days.

      Plus, if you dispute based on information you received via the “free annual disclosure,” ChexSystems has 45 days after the date on which the dispute is received to complete the investigation.

      If they do not comply with the time periods, they are in violation. You can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you think a violation has occurred concerning the time periods.
      Where to make a complaint about ChexSystems

      The next step to remove erroneous or inaccurate information is to file formal complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB); your State’s bank regulator’s office, the Office of the Comptroller (even though the OCC may refer you to the CFPB), and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) if you bank at a credit union.

      Problems with ChexSystems Account Abuse Notations
      “Abuse” or “Fraud” is so often reported to ChexSystems when account holders had no intention on committing abuse or fraud. Unfortunately, there is standardized or clear definitions of account abuse or account fraud when it comes to banks reporting consumers to ChexSystems or to EWS for fraud.

      If you have supporting documentation as to why you did not commit account abuse, submit that with your dispute. Having an identifiable bank error or some type of legal violation gives you leverage to get removed from ChexSystems.

      Bank of America is under the same requirements as ChexSystems to conduct an investigation within 30 days to either verify, correct or delete the information reported to ChexSystems The purpose is that you are sending an official legal challenge to the bank asking them to investigate and confirm in writing what they reported to ChexSystems.

      If you don’t think there’s enough leverage or documentation to successfully challenge the bank consider negotiating a pay for delete transaction with the bank.

      ChexSystems record can remain up to 5 years
      Without some type of leverage like a reporting inaccuracy, FCRA violation or pay for delete negotiation, ChexSystems records are difficult to delete. But because ChexSystems records can remain up to 5 years, you may need to find a Second Chance Bank or a Bank that does not use ChexSystems if you are currently unbanked or using a prepaid debit card only.

      Even if you have a bank account, anytime you are on ChexSystems or EWS, you run the risk of account closure or account freeze. It’s a good idea to always keep a checking account at a bank that does not use ChexSystems like BBVA Compass. They offer a free checking account with a visa debit card, mobile and online banking, bill pay, unlimited checking writing and free ATMs at BBVA and 55,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide. You can open a BBVA ClearConnect checking account online for $25.

  4. Hello Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your information regarding this process and options. I find myself in a unique situation my wife attempted to open an account and they pulled her report and denied her, but the institution they stated is not on her report which we pulled 6 months after. How do we despite the inquiry because the account verbally mentioned as the reason for the denial is not on the report? Do we dispute the inquiry or dispute what method used to make the decision for the denial?
    This same situation exists for myself, my Chex systems record has nothing on it yet I’ve been denied from opening an account. Is it possible they are using the credit report to make these decisions and how would we overcome that? I know a lot of questions, I’ve tried to research this odd situation but have not found a correct way to address this. Thank you if you can assist.

    1. When you apply for a checking or savings account banks look into your financial history using one or more credit reporting agencies. The typical credit reporting agencies used by banks and credit unions is: Chexsystems, Early Warning Services (EWS), Telecheck or some banks will run a credit check from one of the major credit bureaus (like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).

      ChexSystems is the most common credit reporting agency used by banks. But it really depends on the bank. Negative information on ChexSystems remains for 5 years, while negative information on EWS, Telecheck or a major credit bureau can remain for 7 years.

      If a ChexSystems report was used to deny you and your wife a bank account, it could be the case that the negative entry was removed within the 6-month timeframe of you reviewing the ChexSystems report.

      Denied a checking account due to negative information

      Checking account reports typically contain information reported by banks about problems customers had with managing their checking accounts. When a bank denies you due to a credit check or information reported by your previous bank or credit unions you should receive a copy of the adverse action notice from the bank or credit union.

      The adverse action notice contains the name and contact information of the checking account reporting company that provided the information used in the denial. You are entitled to an adverse action notice under the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Whether the credit reporting agency used was ChexSystems, EWS, Telecheck or a credit report, you are entitled to a notice that includes the name of the bank or credit union that provided the negative information.

      Banks can deny you for too many ChexSystems Inquiries

      Your ChexSystems bank history could be totally clean, which is what you want. But, if you’ve been applying for checking accounts at banks that use ChexSystems, you can be denied for having too many ChexSystems inquiries. Banks vary in how many ChexSystems inquiries is acceptable. While some banks only consider your most recent inquiries, some banks are very sensitive to the total amount of ChexSystems inquiries. A lot of inquiries in a short period of time can raise flags in Chexsystems. An inquiry in ChexSystems can remain on your report up to 3 years.

      How to dispute an error in a checking account report?

      Because companies that provide Checking account reports to banks are considered consumer reporting agencies, they must comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means they must take steps to assure that the information they provide to the banks is accurate, and they can’t include most negative information that’s more than 7 years old. ChexSystems is an exception, they only contain negative information for 5 years.

      In order to dispute the decision by the bank to deny you an account, you would have to know what credit reporting agency was used in making their decision. I understand you say the bank verbally informed you of the bank which played a part in their decision but you should have received a letter stating the credit reporting agency that provided the information.

      You are entitled to free checking reports once a year

      Just like you are entitled to a free credit report from Experian, Transunion and Equifax once a year, the same goes for companies that provide checking account reports. Consumers have the right to a free annual report from each nationwide reporting company upon request and a free copy of any report used in a decision to deny an account. Here are links to order your reports: (Experian, Equifax and Transunion)
      Early Warning Services

      Dispute errors or inaccurate information in ChexSystems, EWS, Telecheck

      Once you determine which agency provided the negative information you have the right to dispute incorrect information with both the checking account reporting company and with the bank or credit union who supplied that information. The checking account reporting companies must work with the banks and credit unions to investigate the disputes within 30 days of receiving the dispute. If the banks do not reply to the dispute they must remove the negative information. Or, if errors are found, they are required to update that information. Here are tips to dispute ChexSystems, dispute EWS or dispute Telecheck.

      Banks that run credit checks could be a bigger problem

      When a bank or credit union runs a credit check to open accounts it involves a bit more than simply verifying your identity. We know proper identification could should be sufficient for identity verification but banks know credit checks reveal all types of information. Banks and credit unions using credit reports to open accounts could be looking for bankruptcy, fraud or identity theft on an applicant’s credit report.

      It may seem odd that banks check your credit report but for some consumers, mismanaging a checking account could become a credit report issue. For instance, if a bank customer regularly bounces checks written to utility companies, grocery or retail stores, those unpaid bills due to returned checks can be sent to collection agencies which could eventually show up on your credit reports.

      Find out what bank reported negative information

      Step 1. Order your checking reports and your credit reports to see what bank reported you. Or, go the bank that denied you to request an Adverse Action Notice or Disclosure Notice explaining why they could not open an account. You should have received more than a “verbal” disclosure telling you what bank reported negative information.

      Step 2. Once you find out what is reporting then you may have grounds to dispute it based on an error or inaccurate information. Or, you could dispute directly to the bank requesting they remove the negative information based upon mistakes, errors or inaccuracies.

      Step 3. If the bank refuses to remove the information try appealing to an upper management decision maker like a VP or CEO. Request a removal based on goodwill.

      Step 4. Open a checking account at a bank that:

      • Offers second chance checking;
      • Offers No ChexSystems Accounts; or
      • Does not use credit reports to open checking accounts.

      Online Checking Accounts for Bad Credit

      Your options to open a new checking account could be an online checking account for bad credit. You can get a checking account despite a negative account history and being denied based on a credit check. BBVA offers an online checking account for bad credit but you must first apply for their regular checking account. If you are denied the regular checking account, they offer what is called “Easy Checking” which is a type of second chance checking account. BBVA runs a credit report but for the most part does not hold negative information against you unless you owe them money. Now they may not open a regular, free checking account but instead offer a second chance account if you do not qualify for the regular checking account. You must first apply for the ClearConnect Free Checking Account, then if not qualified, you will be offered their second chance account that has a $13.95 monthly maintenance fee. The good news is that after 12 months you can upgrade to the regular, free checking account.

      Here are additional banks that offer 2nd Chance Checking Accounts Online. You may want to contact them before applying to ensure the Second Chance Checking Program still exists.

  5. doug donato demartini

    Another quick question, how do you delete inquires off your ChexSystems report? I’ve been turned down for bank accounts because I have 12 inquires reported.

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about ChexSystems Inquiries that are accurate. If you legitimately applied to a bank that uses ChexSystems then the inquiries are accurate. Even if you have or had a bank account and that bank runs a ChexSystems report, that is considered accurate because once you open an account the bank has permission to pull your ChexSystems report at any time. Inquiries can remain for up to 3 years. However, if the inquiries are a result of you NOT applying for a bank account, that is considered fraud and you may be able to get the inquiries deleted.

      1. doug donato demartini

        First of all thank you so much for your website, all the knowledge you have given away is a blessing. You’ve already helped me raise my credit score and got some charge off accounts removed from errors on there that other companies told me to not bother with but it was hurting my credit utilization.

        I will go ahead and write a goodwill letter and work on getting it removed.

        What if the inquires are from banks I’ve never had a bank account at and I don’t remember applying for these banks, is it wise to dispute these as fraud or leave alone? I recently just had a business account closed at my local Credit Union because they pulled my ChexSystems and seen I had a charge off account on there I haven’t paid back and they said I have more than 5 inquires and its “suspicious” so they cant do business with me anymore.

        A lot of the inquires are on there from over two years ago. The ChexSystems website says they can be removed anywhere from 90 days up to 3 years from your report. Do they automatically fall off or do you have to fight to remove them?

        1. Thank you so much for the correction of how long ChexSystems Inquiries remain on reports. I was mistaken when I stated it was 2 years. ChexSystems inquiries initiated by the consumer can remain up to 3 years. If you did not initiate an inquiry, then you have the right to dispute that error. You can dispute directly with ChexSystems or directly with the bank that initiated the inquiry. Just don’t do both at the same time.

          I would start with ChexSystems by simply disputing the inquiries as “No Permissible Purpose” if you did not authorize the banks to run your ChexSystems report. Even if some of the inquiries are from banks where you had accounts. It may be implied that a bank can run a ChexSystems report at any time, but you still DID NOT give your permission for them to do so. Also dispute any duplicate inquiries and request they be deleted too. Dispute with ChexSystems first, if you get the desired result, you’re done.

          Some banks and credit unions have a policy of denying customers who have 5 or more ChexSystems inquiries on their report within a two-year period. Either opening or attempting to open multiple bank account sends up a red flag that something problematic may be occurring. Even though it could be something simple like pursuing bank bonus sign-ups.

          The only way I see getting around that is to find a bank that does not use ChexSystems. Or, you may want to consider incorporating your business, that way you may be able to do business with a bank that only uses the corporation’s EIN (Employer Identification No.) to screen new accounts. The best of luck to you!

  6. doug donato demartini

    Is there anything you can do when the item is listed as “Paid in Full” and the bank won’t delete the negative report, even though I cant get a bank account from it and the item is paid in full 3 years ago. I did a dispute on Chexsystems and they denied my dispute as well.

    1. A bank that uses ChexSystems is under no obligation to remove a “Paid” entry on ChexSystems before the 5-year reporting time period. Unless the information contains an error, it’s going to be difficult to get the account deleted from ChexSystems prior to the 5-year reporting time period. You might want to attempt a goodwill letter to someone in charge like a VP or CEO, asking for deletion of the paid account. It’s not a dispute letter, it’s a letter politely requesting the bank to delete a paid ChexSystems entry. Sometimes it works but keep in mind you may have to send more than one “goodwill letter” to get the desired result. If one person says no, try another person. Explain the reason for the mishap, provide supporting documentation (if appropriate), let them know you have learned how to better handle your finances and that you need a bank account to properly conduct your finances.

      If you need a bank account it is best to look for a bank or credit union that does not use ChexSystems to open accounts.

  7. clarence ralph jackson

    us bank said you are reporting me that they called the us bank fraud department the fraud department said that I should not be block from opening an checking us bank had reporter tina willmont and that I was only an assignee on the account I did nothing wrong

    1. This website is not ChexSystems. You will need to contact ChexSystems directly at: I do suggest you dispute the notation of fraud on your ChexSystems report because it will block you from getting a new account almost anywhere. ChexSystems has 30 days to either verify your dispute as accurate or delete the notation. It would help if you had proof from US Bank regarding your status as an assignee only on the account.

      But let me also tell you if ChexSystems does not delete the notation on your ChexSystems report make a complaint to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) about US Bank. Explain the issue about US Bank because US Bank is the one who reported you in the first place to ChexSystems. Banks do not like when complaints are made to the OCC. If you have documentation or can support your complaint with facts the OCC may be able to help. Consumers filing complaints with the OCC have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly problems are resolved. US Bank is the one who can tell ChexSystems to delete your negative record. Make a complaint against US Bank for reporting you to ChexSystems. OCC Complaints

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