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Can Transunion re-insert an item that was deleted after a dispute


I disputed a creditor and the debt was dropped from Transunion. However, it remained on Experian & Equifax as derogatory. Wanting to buy a new car, I paid the debt to at least have the derogatory status change with the other two bureaus. Then I notice the debt is back on Transunion as derogatory. Can I do anything?

When a negative item is deleted due to a credit dispute, the credit bureaus can reinsert the item once the furnisher of information responds. However, the credit bureaus are required by law to notify of the disputed item being reinserted.

This sometimes happens because the credit bureaus have an obligation to respond to consumer disputes in most cases 30 days (45 days if the dispute is based off your

If not verified, the credit bureaus must remove it because they are not permitted to report unverifed information. The item can be reinserted at a later date with the requirement that you are to be notified, in writing, of the reinserted account within 5 business days.

Because the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) says they are required to notify you within five (5) days of re-inserting a previously deleted item, you can submit a complaint if you were not notified. Submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and request the item be deleted as a resolution.

Another action would be to request a deletion of the item from your credit reports since it has been paid. Keep in mind, the collection agency is not required by any law to delete paid collections but in some instances they may agree to delete as a goodwill gesture. Send a letter to upper management, VP or CEO and request the item be deleted from your credit reports since it has been paid.

A goodwill request can be made by phone instead of sending a letter, but more often than not, the customer service reps who answer calls don’t have the authority to make these types of changes to your account. If you can speak to someone higher-up in the company, you’re more likely to get your request granted.

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