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Pennsylvania Debt Statute of Limitations

pennsylvania debt statute of limitations

The statute of limitations on debt in Pennsylvania limits creditors and debt collectors from collecting a debt after a specific time period. Once the statute has expired the debt becomes legally uncollectible. Creditors and debt collectors may still pursue payment but you cannot be legally sued for the debt.

However, pennsylvania debt statute of limitationsmaking a payment, acknowledging you owe the debt or making a written promise to pay the debt can renew the statute of limitations. Be careful when speaking with creditors and debt collectors about old debt because they are aware you have no legal obligation to pay debt that has passed the statute of limitations. *Disclaimer: The accuracy of this information is not guaranteed, check your State's Statutes directly to ensure up-to-date information.

Oral Contract: 4 years

Written Contract: 4 years

Promissory Note: 4 years

Open-Ended Accounts: 4 years

Collection Agency Bond Required: No

Collection Agency License Required: No

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