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8 Reasons your Check may have been Denied by Telecheck

Why Telecheck denied your check could be due to mismanagement of a previous bank account like having unpaid checks or owing a bank account debt or you may have been declined because of high-risk factors, despite having sufficient funds.

Question: I have tried to buy groceries 3 times and been turned down 3 times by Telecheck. I called Telecheck from my bank they, said write smaller checks. I did once and that was turned down. I am so frustrated. What can I do to get a check through for food from Meijers and Walmart.

When a merchant submits your check through Telecheck, it’s analyzed and reviewed for evidence of unpaid checks, fraud and other factors that present red flags for merchants.

Telecheck may return a code “3” back to the merchant, alerting the transaction contains a significant level of risk markers. This may occur even if you have sufficient funds in your account. Telecheck does not determine the balance of your account; it only analyzes the level of risk the transaction presents.

According to Teleheck, “For any decline, you should have received a written notice providing information about the decline, including how and where to receive more detailed information. “ You have a right to know what is prohibiting merchants from accepting your check.

Common reasons for a check being declined by Telecheck

1. Too many risk factors. The transaction carried other risk indicators. Basically once the transaction was analyzed; it had several characteristics that made it look risky.

2. Insufficient information in your file. You write very few checks which in and of itself makes you a risk factor; meaning they do not have sufficient information on you to make a decision to accept your check.

3. Fraud. At some time you may have reported fraud to your bank or the police. A report of fraud about your bank account, even if you made the report yourself, may cause your checks to be declined in Telecheck. For instance, your check book was stolen and you reported a range of check numbers to the bank so they would know not to honor those check numbers. A fraud report to your bank may have been submitted to Telecheck also.

4. Identification. Your driver’s license number could be used, unbeknown to you, in fraudulent activity such as cashing checks on other accounts. If this occurs, your driver’s license number or identification can be “linked” to those bank accounts and subsequently to your bank account.

5. Previous history with Telecheck. Prior debt on file with Telecheck, even if paid, can still affect your check writing privileges.

6. Unpaid Debt. There could be a current unpaid check or unpaid bank account debt causing Telecheck to decline your checks.

7. Other risk variables. You may have been declined based upon risk variables which are not based on evidence of unpaid debt. There can be 100s of variables active within a risk model and the risk-based decisions it generates.

8. Cashier error. The data at Telecheck links you to another check writer’s data which is negative. This may happen if information on an identification card or driver’s license is misprinted, a cashier may have miskeyed the numbers on your identification or there are multiple check writers linked to a single account and one of them has a negative Telecheck record. TeleCheck can “unlink” these inaccurate links once they are discovered by you.

You are entitled to a free copy of your Telecheck Report

Telecheck is a consumer reporting agency making you entitled to an annual free report. And, if you have been denied service based upon information in your Telecheck report, you are entitled a free report.

The only way to get to the bottom of why your checks are being declined is to see what information is contained in your Telecheck report. Once you get your report you can dispute incorrect information and errors which may exist.

The best way to get your Telecheck report is to write them

TeleCheck Services, Inc.
Attention: Consumer Resolutions-FA
P.O. Box 4514
Houston, TX 77210-4514

To verify your identity, Telecheck requests the following:
(1) a daytime contact phone number
(2) a copy of your driver’s license
(3) your social security number
(4) a voided check (I would not give them this piece of information as it is unnecessary to verify your identity and none of their business)
(5) a copy of a tax or utility bill reflecting your current address

You can also call Telecheck at 1-800-366-2425 to get your free annual file disclosure pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Good luck to you.

18 thoughts on “8 Reasons your Check may have been Denied by Telecheck”

  1. I was a cashier at a gas station here in Virginia. We had tela check and the manger would come to me regularly with bounced check. The thing was all of them had approval from tela check. My manager was not to mad cause they had the approval number on them

  2. As a cashier, I can safely say that telecheck rejects checks for no real reason as a matter of practice and it’s hurting merchants as much as customers.

    If you ever call them, the hold times with customers waiting can be in excess of 15 minutes, shutting down a register in the process.

    In the meantime they work to grab ever greater market shares and are basically a monopoly in some areas.

  3. problems with telecheck as well have intentions of sueing them for demation of character-slander-ruining my credability i the community-cashiers are holding up or turning screen indicating fraud-what fraud-cashier are openly stating fraud-in fromt of other customers in a retail store-employees with show me screen that states fraud and they apparently track your spending which is illegal just as illegal as telecheck not allowing you to spent your own money at any retail store-contact your senator and let them know this needs to stop…insuffient funds i undertstand everthing else is bs and illegal just as illegal if your wrote a bad check….the reason they give me not enough time in system-wrong i have been in their system-crap they give to cashiers is fraud whci is untrue and which is why you need to sue their ass and put this company telecheck out of business—————-unite on this one…….

  4. I am done with Wal-Mart because of the way they rely on Telecheck and how customers, like me, are treated badly by Telecheck. My money that I spent regularly with Wal-Mart will never be missed, but I feel better not shopping at Walmart. I was never able to figure out why, after many years of regular Wal-Mart shopping, suddenly my check was no good. Telecheck only said there was a security problem. Wal-Mart corporate headquarters ignored my letters and calls. I use Amazon a lot and go to Aldi’s and Kroger’s for food. And I was so loyal to Wal-Mart for so long! No more!

    1. It’s unfortunate Walmart lost a loyal customer over the use of Telecheck, especially when a manager at Walmart could choose to override Telecheck.

  5. I am furious wrote a check to Catos declined due to risk factors (whatever that means) called customer service was told she had updated my info and was good to go. I went back in and it happened Again! I am so embarrassed I will probably never go back to that store!

  6. Telecheck is doing it to me now I am pissed off have over 2000 thousand in account dinied by Wal-Mart but usr my divite card MasterCard goes throw gold figure why

  7. I got declined twice before I called to find out the problem, I thought the first time may have been because the cashier didn’t enter in my drivers license info- I have the funds, so was very confused. I called & went through a long automated system over the phone, then repeats the same information to the person who finally got on the phone. They told me there was negativity with a driver’s license number associated with my account, gave them my info & it’s not my license, then my husband had to get on the phone & give them his information as well & they said it’s not his license either. So I am left very confused as we are the only people on this account! Then they asked if anyone ever cashes our checks for us & I said yes, the only people are my mom & my daughter, they couldn’t tell me anything further, but said well it must be them. I don’t think they’re is anything wrong with their stuff either, their accounts seem to be fine, but how can someone else automatically get linked to my account who’s not on my account & cause us not to be able to use our account?! Makes no sense & they couldn’t give me any answers!

    1. Unfortunately, the reps at Telecheck are notorious for not being able to provide answers. Your issue is unique but I’m not shocked something like that could occur. Telecheck is a consumer reporting agency just like the three major credit bureaus. They deal with tons of consumer information; all it takes is someone at a bank or Telecheck mixing up consumer personal information and attaching incorrect bank accounts or license numbers, even social security numbers to someone with similar names or addresses. It could happen.

      Take action as soon as you can because this issue is not going away until you handle it. You might want to go directly to your bank and request they call Telecheck on your behalf since Telecheck told you different license numbers are attached to your bank account. That’s a scary thing. Someone dropped the ball somewhere. If your bank can’t help you, contact Telecheck directly by completing this form and include the following to verify your identity:

      Copy of your driver’s license
      Social security number
      Copy of a voided check
      Daytime contact phone number

      The Telecheck Reporting Form tells you where to send it.

      The best of luck to you.
      (I know it’s annoying having to correct a mistake you did not cause but it’s on you to get to the bottom of it.)

  8. TeleCheck website is no help, they were unable to tell me why they refused the check. AND they only do problems by mail. A lot of good if you have to wait a month to get their answer. or to writ a ck. Just don’t use that store any more BYE, stay cleare of telecheck.

  9. I am going thru the same thing with tese AS*H**** and your information has givin me a little more hope that I can nail there A***s to the wall thank’s again I’ll let you know how I make out .

  10. I tried to write a check at Walgreens and Telecheck declined it. When I called to follow ne out why, they said it was because I have written too many checks to Walgreen’s., even though they have always approved them up until now and they admitted they could see that I had never written a bad check. The person I talked to said that now since I have been declined, I may be declined again…..even though I hsve money in the bank to cover my purchases and I’ve never been declined before. Their only reason is because I’ve written too many (all approved) checks …and now I will have THIS in my Telecheck “history”. Even though it may be difficult, I will only shop places who DO NOT employ Telecheck. Ridiculous.

    1. I have a similar problem with Walgreens. My check was denied because it was a new account and I had no “history” with them. I have no choice but to use Walgreens as it is the preferred pharmacy for my Medicare plan. Can’t get a new plan because this plan covers the meds I need. No others do. I have money in the bank to cover my checks. Incredibly frustrating.

  11. I am as angry as I can be because 4 times now your company has declined my checks. I have never been rejected in check writing to pay for my purchases ever before and I am angry and humiliated each time it happens. Who are you to decline me funds when I know in by bank I have funds to pay for my purchases or I would not be buying anything. My checks have always been checked by Telecheck and never have been refused. Your company has always been the machine use to verify funds. I don’t know what your company policy is but I gather that I have to have a good standing before you will issue me what I need from Telecheck; so if you keep denying me how am I suppose to get my rating up there for you say that I am relaiable. Your company stinks>>>>> I hope I will never have to use you again because you are arrogant and malnipulative in destroying people reputations by your actions.

  12. Telecheck shows an account I don’t even have and haven’t had for years with Wells Fargo, and after talking to Wells Fargo I find they do not even report to telecheck, and the account never had any problems, overdraft etc, I have made seven calls to telecheck and even after speaking to a ‘supervisor’ I can get no help. They keep telling me that I have to wait at least up to 30 days to write a check, bills are due, prescriptions need to be picked up. They have the worst ‘ customer service’ ever.

    1. Unfortunately your issue has to be resolved using other means and it may take a little more than 30 days to resolve. I know it’s inconvenient but you may have to temporarily use money orders (post office money orders are really cheap) to pay bills until this matter is resolved.

      Seven calls is outrageous! It’s time for you to order your Telecheck report (free of charge) and dispute the inaccurate information. Telecheck has 30 days to verify the dispute as accurate or delete the information. If Telecheck verifies the information as accurate you can request the method of verification. If they tell you Wells Fargo verified the information you know they are not being honest because you have already verified Wells Fargo has no record of negative information.

      But another method may work and could actually be quicker. Make a complaint to your State’s Attorney General. They may have a complaint form, online, that allows you to easily file. Let them know you have attempted 7 times to resolve this matter and make sure you mention the specific names of supervisors you spoke with at Telecheck. Also mention Wells Fargo has no record of negative information or reporting you to Telecheck. This may do the trick, Telecheck is not going to ignore a State Attorney General contacting them. The Attorney General’s Office will give them a set number of days to reply; and I assure you, they will reply. The best of luck to you.

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