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Can collection agencies keep updating credit reports

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Can a collection agency keep updating on your credit report? I disputed a medical bill that was removed from Transunion, However Experian never reported it but now, all of a sudden, it's reporting it and Equifax seems like my account is being re-aged. For instance, Equifax report says: date open is 06/2018 then it says, date assigned 04/14, date Delinquency 09/2013. If you dispute an item can they do an update on that collection?

The short answer is yes, a collection agency can continue to update the account on your credit reports.

When you dispute an item, the Date of Last Activity (DOLA) can be updated. The date of last activity can change anytime there is new activity on your account. That could be a credit dispute or a payment. Both actions can precipitate a change to the date of last activity.

Additionally, the “Open Date” for a collection account can be reported but it has no impact on the exclusion date the collection account will be deleted from your credit reports. Debt collectors report the “Open Date” for their collection account as the date that they received collection authority, either by way of assignment from the current owner, or when they purchased the debt. The “Open Date” is unrelated to any date pertaining to the original creditor.

The date of delinquency refers to the date reported by the original creditor when you first become delinquent and no other payments were made. Also referred to as the Date of First Delinquency (DOFD).

The collection agency regularly updating your credit report has no effect on when the account is due to be deleted (excluded) from your credit reports, which remains based only on the reported DOFD.

A collection agency has no legal authority to change the DOFD, it is set in stone. If it has someone changed the DOFD, it is a gross violation of federal law and they can be sued.

So don’t worry about the date of last activity, open date or last date reported. These dates can change. However, the DOFD cannot change. If the account went delinquent in June of 2013, the account should then be excluded (deleted) from your credit reports (all of them) on or about June 2020.

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