Does Klarna Report To Credit Bureaus?

Klarna does not report monthly payments to the credit bureaus. But, if you miss a payment, that might be reported.

Klarna offers short-term financing in the form of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment options for shoppers. Klarna gives shoppers the option to pay their purchase in 4 interest-free installments, over 30 days interest-free or monthly payments with terms up to 24 months at 0 to 24.99% APR.

Does Klarna Report To Credit Bureaus?

No. Klarna does not report monthly payments to the credit bureaus. But, if you miss a payment or default on a payment agreement, that might be reported.

Does Klarna Check Your Credit?

Yes. Klarna will perform a soft credit inquiry using Transunion credit bureau. A soft credit check does not hurt your credit score. Klarna’s financing credit option may require a hard credit check. This kind of check is reported to credit bureaus.

How Does Klarna Work

Pay Later in 4. With the Pay in 4 Installments option, your payments are due every two weeks. For example, a purchase costing $300 requires to to pay $75 at checkout, then the three remaining $75 payments are billed to your debit or credit card every two weeks until you’ve paid the full $300. Klarna does not accept prepaid debit cards as a payment option. Klarna's Pay in 4 Plan does not charge interest.

Pay Later in 30 Days. The Pay in 30 days Plan, gives shoppers 30 days after the item ships to pay for their purchase. This plan allows online shoppers to try out items before they have to pay anything. Klarna's Pay in 30 days plan is interest-free.

Monthly Financing. With the monthly financing option you can spread the cost of your purchase for up to 24 months. Klarna's financing products are issued in partnership with WebBank (member FDIC). Depending on your credit quality, the annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases ranges from 0 to 28.99%. The financing option offers a range of timelines and interest rates.

There's no penalty for making a payment early or paying off your balance in full before the final due date on any of Klarna's payment options.

Klarna Pros and Cons


  • Zero-interest financing with Pay in 4 and 30-day payment plan options.
  • Earn rewards when shopping.
  • Widely accepted payment option.
  • Returns with refunds possible.


  • No option to build credit.
  • Late fees and returned-payment fees may apply.
  • No consumer protection. BNPL credit doesn't offer the dispute protections credit card companies provide.

Does Klarna Help Build Credit?

No. Klarna doesn't report your monthly payments, balance or credit limit to the credit bureaus. Klarna is not a good option to help you build credit like credit cards that build credit. However, you can increase your spending limit with a good payment history.

On the flip side, if you miss multiple payments, that’s likely to be reported to a credit bureau. Late payments showing up on your credit report could hurt your credit score.


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