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How To Build Credit Without A Credit Card

Knowing how to build credit without a credit card requires thinking outside the box. While credit cards provide an easy way to build a credit history, they may not be ideal for everyone.

It can be too tempting for some people to have credit cards in their wallets. The last thing you need is to take on debt while building your credit history.

Whatever the reason, there are other ways to build a credit history as long as the alternative ways report to the three major credit bureaus. Your payment history must show up on your credit reports to help you build your credit score.

High credit scores mean more access to credit, better interest rates on credit cards, mortgage, personal or car loans that will help you save money.

How to build credit without a credit card

1. Get credit for phone & utility bills.

Most utility companies, including your cell phone company, don’t report your monthly payment history to the credit bureaus. These essential utility bills are likely paid on time. That could be excellent monthly payment information if credit bureaus had access to it.

Experian Boost™ can help build your credit history for the utility and mobile phone bills you’re already paying. Experian offers a service where they score and report utility and cell phone you’ve been paying up to 24 months. This could instantly raise your credit score.

The only drawback is it will only impact your Experian FICO score. But it’s still a good way to build your credit history using obligations you already pay. Learn more about Experian Boost™.

2. Get credit for your rent

Build credit history using timely rental payments. Most landlords don’t report rental payment history to the credit bureaus unless there are issues with payment and you wind up dealing with a debt collector. But your rent payments can be included in your credit history using third-party rent reporting services. These companies will report rent payments to help you establish or build credit history through timely rental payments.m

Millennials trying to build a credit history from scratch can benefit from a rent reporting service. It’s going to cost you a small monthly fee but it can be worth it to have positive information added to your credit reports.

Here is a rent reporting company to consider:

RentReporters can help you build and improve your credit by reporting rent payments to Transunion and Equifax credit bureaus. This service will cost you or just $9.95 per month plus a one-time $94.95 signup fee.

Here is how to build credit with the RentReporters:

  • To sign up, you’ll need contact information for your landlord and the date you moved in.
  • You pay rent to your landlord and you pay the RentReporters fee separately.
  • RentReporters verifies with a landlord that rent was paid and then reports the payments to TransUnion and Equifax.

RentReporters doesn’t require its clients to pay rent online or change the way they pay their rent.

3. Get a credit builder loan

With credit-builder loans, the lender agrees to loan you a certain amount of money, which it deposits into an account. You’ll make monthly payments on the loan, and the lender reports those payments to the three major consumer credit bureaus — Experian, Transunion and Equifax — to create or add to your credit history. When the loan is paid off, the lender gives you the funds.

People with no credit or bad credit can qualify for a credit builder loan because lenders don’t risk anything since they control the funds. Credit-builder loans can be a great way to establish a credit history.

4. Get a personal loan

With a personal loan, you borrow a fixed amount of money and make fixed payments every month. Personal loans can be used for a variety of reasons, but most common to consolidate debt and pay it off at a lower interest rate. The issue with personal loans is that you may need an established good credit history.

If you have a thin credit file or bad credit it can be a challenge to get a bank to loan you money. Consider no credit check loans with an online lender that looks at more than your credit file to approve you.

5. Get current on all credit obligations

Order your credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. If there are mistakes then start repairing your existing financial messes. If there are no mistakes examine your credit report to see which factors are most significantly influencing your score. You may be able to pay down debt which will give you a quick boost in credit scores or get your student loans out of default.

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