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Build Credit With A Rental History Report

Rental payment history on credit reports can be a tool build credit.

Rental payment history on credit reports can be a helpful tool for renters that need to build or rebuild credit.

Many renters that have imperfect credit may have a perfect history of paying rent on time. Why not get credit for consistent on-time rent payments and build credit without using a credit card.

Unfortunately, rental payments don’t automatically report to credit bureaus as they are not considered a credit obligation like a credit card or personal loan.

However, some credit bureaus and third-party companies offer rental payment reporting services that allow tenants to have their on-time rent payments reported to credit bureaus. 

Rental Services That Report Rental Payments

The first step in getting your rental payments reported to the credit bureaus is to ask your landlord or property management company since not all landlords “automatically” report rental payments.

If your landlord or property management company does not report to the credit bureaus, then sign up through a rental reporting service.

Rent reporting services can get your credit reports to reflect your rent payments at a cost.

Here are several services to check out:

  • Experian Boost: Add positive credit history to increase your FICO® Score☉ by including on-time payments for rent, utilities, telecom services and video streaming with the Experian Boost platform. The service is free. Simply make a minimum of three residential rent payments within six months, with at least one payment occurring in the past three months. Learn how Experian Boost works.
  • Rent Report Team: There is a one-time enrollment fee of $29.99, which includes access to a free credit report to help you know where you currently stand. The monthly service fee is $7.99 for continuous monthly reporting to the credit bureaus. You can cancel at any time.
  • eRentPayment: Tenants may sign up for this rental payment service only if the landlord is registered. There is a $3 per transaction fee for processing electronic rent payments; the landlord may split that cost or require that the tenant pay it. Reports to all three credit bureaus.
  • RentTrack: Fees can vary depending on whether your landlord is a client. Without landlord participation, RentTrack collects the rent for a $6.95 fee and then sends a check to your landlord. A look-back of up to 24 months is available on your current lease. It reports to all three credit bureaus.
  • PayYourRent: Variable fees, depending on how rent is paid; in some cases, the fees are paid by management. It reports to all three credit bureaus.
  • Rental Kharma: Initial setup is $25, and the service is $6.95 per month. During enrollment, you can report payments made in the previous 24 months for a fee of $5 per month reported. It reports to TransUnion.

How rental payment reporting works

Renters should review the terms and fees associated with any rental reporting service to ensure it is a good fit. Here is a general look at how rental payment services work:

  • The rental payment reporting service will contact your landlord or property manager to verify your lease & payment history.
  • The service will then validate your rent payments then send that information to the credit bureaus.
  • Rental reporting services will report positive and negative payment data to the credit bureaus – so be aware that late rent payments may hurt your credit score if they are received more than 30 days past the due date.
  • As long as you pay your rent within 30 days of your due date, it will be counted as an on time payment on your credit report. 

Benefits of rental payment reporting

One major benefit of rental payment reporting is the ability to build credit without taking on additional debt. Here are additional benefits:

  • Build credit history. Rental payment reporting services allow tenants to build credit history by reporting their on-time rent payments to credit bureaus. This can help tenants establish a positive credit history, which is important when applying for loans, credit cards, and other types of credit.


  • Improve credit score. Consistently making on-time rent payments can improve a tenant’s credit score over time. This can increase their chances of being approved for credit and may also result in lower interest rates and better credit terms.
  • Show financial responsibility. Rental payment reporting services can demonstrate a tenant’s financial responsibility and ability to pay bills on time. This can be beneficial when applying for rental properties or other types of credit.
  • Competitive edge in rental market. Tenants who have a positive rental payment history may have a competitive edge when applying for rental properties. Landlords and property managers may view them as more reliable and responsible tenants.
  • Average credit score increase. Most rental reporting services say your average score can increase by 30 to 50 points and offer a 100% Money back guarantee.


Responsible renters should get credit for managing their rental payment history and use it to rebuild a good credit history.

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